Required Documents

Details or what is required of giving and receiving loans through mortgage.

  • Must be a member of the organization.
  • Color photo 4 copies.
  • Two copies of the photograph of the nominee (Colour).
  • Photocopy of NID Card (with nominee)
  • Photocopy of institutional renewed trade license.
  • MOA, Certificate of, in Corporation (In case of Limited Company).
  • IRC, ERC, Fire Licence (where applicable).
  • Copy of TIN and BIN.
  • Details of last year's bank deposits (of all institutional accounts).
  • Copy of Institutional Agreement (if applicable).
  • 2% service charge.
  • The period of receipt of the loan is three months.
  • Accepted money check (institutional). (10 year = 121 pieces, 15 year = 181 pieces)
  • Guarantor check (1 piece).(Any one of mother/father/child/husband/wife)
  • Two references.
  • 12% for ten years, 13% for 15 years,┬áInterest┬árate.
  • Project Plan/Project profile (Project feasibility report)
  • The project profile will contain the following information :
    • Summary of last year's sales (monthly).
    • Detailed account of last three months sales (daily).
    • Inventory or stock records, machinery details.
    • Total Credit to Market.
    • Total Debit to Market.
    • Four-five copies of business company photos.
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